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Oracle Web Server also called as OHS (Oracle Http Server) or Oracle-Apache is built on Apache Webserver. Oracle has added few custom component (like mod_plsql, mod_osso...) in Apache webserver & shipped it as Oracle Http Server.

Discussion in this page is currently w.r.t. Oracle Http Server Version which is shipped with 11i (11.5.8-10). In coming weeks I'll add 10G Application Server Integration with Oracle Applications 11i.

Oracle Web Server or OHS is entry point in applications, It processes requests coming from network over Client. There is Web Listener listening for Web Requests. If request is for simple html page core Apace returns HTML page but if URL refernced need further processing it will be forwarded to respective module like mod_pls, mod_jserv ... I will start with basics like how to start stop webserver, important directories & files , troubleshooting , tuning & important things to know in oracle applications E-Business suite Webserver.

How to Start/Stop Web Server All startup shutdown scripts in Oracle Applications 11i(11.5.10) are in $OAD_TOP/admin/script/$CONTEXT_NAME where OAD_TOP is also called as COMMON_TOP and CONTEXT_NAME is your SID_hostname , lets say your SID or Instance Name is VISION and its on machine with name machine1 so your CONTEXT_NAME will be VISION_machine1. Script to start/stop Web Server is where ad (application dba), apc(apache), ctl(control) and sh stands for shell script. (You will find this script only on node on which you have webserver, if you have multi mode Installation and node 1 is only for Concurrent Manager, Reports & Database and node2 is webserver & forms then should be on node2 & not node1 ) calls apachectl (shell script in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/bin) which in turn calls HTTPD (in same directory which is executable called http daemon) it starts using configuration file httpd.conf (from $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf directory , this file calls other configuration file. To know all important configuration file follow config files link)

If you want to know File system, important files, how to troublshoot Oracle Apache and tuning follow link "Next Page "

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