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Often your manager asks you

  • How many users logged into Oracle Applications
  • If your application is internet enabled from what all countries users are coming ?
  • What is peak load hours ?
  • At what time & on which day applications is accessed least so that you can use that time for maintenance ?
  • What all pages your users are interested in
  • How many times user got page not found error message
  • Is some one is trying to hack your system

    For all these questions monitoring your applications is quite important. In this paper I am going to cover how you can setup freeware tool to process & monitor your Oracle Applications web server. I have taken a case study & via this case study I will cover Monitoring Setup for Oracle Applications Web Server for traffic trends, error messages, users and server performance.

    Things you should know before Monitoring Setup

    This is restricted to Oracle Application Web Server & same can be used for Other Applications like Fusion Middleware & Collaboration Suite with minor modifications.
    Log Files :

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