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  Oracle Apps Web Server Troubleshooting

You as oracle application E-Business Suite sysadmin/dba should know how to troubelshoot & where to look in case of any issues with Webserver. In order to find any problems you should look at log file. All Oracle components have their own logs in respective directory. For Oracle Web Server (OHS/Apache) there are two places depending on type of issue , core apache/web server issues are recorded in

  • Main Apache and its logs are at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs

    Where as anything related to Servlets, mod_jserv, JVM (Java Virtual Machine) should be in

  • mod_jserv for servlets & jvm issues and its logs are at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/ logs & jvm where $IAS_ORACLE_HOME environment variable points to /u01/VIS11I/ora9/iAS (here you have installed Oracle Apps Vision Instance under /u01 )
  •        Important Configuration Files Few important files & there usages I am explaining here. are files are relateive to $IAS_ORACLE_HOME
  • When Apache starts , it starts with damon HTTP using httpd.conf (in Apache/Apache/conf) this is main configuration file which contain config parameters for Core Apache component(Few Important parameters are PidFile, Port, Listen, User, ServerAdmin, ServerName, DocumentRoot, ErrorLog, LogLevel, LogFormat, TransferLog, ErrorDocument , VirtualHost, SSLLog, SSLLogLevel, include, SSLCeritificateXXXX, RewriteEngine) To understand meaning of these parameters Click Here

    To continue httpd.conf calls which configuration file click on "Next Page"

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