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  As an Oracle Apps DBA or sysadmin following configuration files are quite important in understanding and troubleshooting oarcle web server ot oracle applications 11i HTTP Server.

Important Configuration Files Contd... httpd.conf file calls jserv.conf (used for mod_jserv), oprocmgr.conf (oracle process manager), oracle_apache.conf (Oracle Custom Modules like mod_pls, mod_ossl, mod_osso..)

jserv.conf available at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/etc . This file calls few properties files ( jserv.properties, viewer4i.properties, forms.properties, xmlsvcs.properties )

oprocmgr.conf Used to configure and manage each remote apache Instances managed by local Apache Instance.

oracle_apache.conf This configuration file under $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/ Apache/Apache /conf is used to configure Oracle built modules supplied with default Apache ( for eg. mod_plsql, oem, imeeting). This file calls other configuration files ( plsql.conf, immeting.conf, apps.conf.

plsql.conf This file under $IAS_ORACLE_HOME / Apache/ modplsql/conf is used to configure pls (Plsql). This file defines to forward all requests like /pls/ to dedicated apache listener. There is another important file in this directory

    wdbsvr.app Which in my views is named so after Web Database Server for Applications. This file contain your dad (database Access Descriptor ) information like database connection description & apps user name & password . If you are changing apps password you use utility FNDCPASS and after changing password you have to manually change apps password in this file. Now you will say this is security risk to see password like this in a file . Yes it is but you can obfuscate this password .  
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