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  Autoconfig as name suggests is automated configuration of Oracle Applications 11i. Well if this is configuring oracle applications 11i question comes from where its getting configuration information. File from where Autoconfig runs picks parameter to configure 11i , in Oracle's terminology is called Context File. Power of configuring whole applications via this single file (One for Application Tier & other for Database Tier) makes this file quite powerful. Rest all I discuss in terms of questions answers or FAQ format about Autoconfig.  What is Autoconfig in 11i ?

Autoconfig is method of configuring Oracle Applications . All the information required to configure Oracle Apps 11i is stored in file called as Context file. So there are two context file, one for Database Tier & Second for Application Tier. Context file is repository for configuration stored in xml format. Its xml file and file name format is <SID>_<HOSTNAME>.xml so if your machine name is machine1 & SID is VISION then context file name will be VISION_machine1.xml

 What are different Contexts w.r.t. Autoconfig in 11i ?

There are two context files, one for database tier called as Database Context second for Application tier called as Application Context.

 What is location of Contexts file in 11i ?

Database Context file is under Database $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/<SID>_<HOSTNAME>.xml
Application Context file is under $APPL_TOP/admin/<SID>_<HOSTNAME>.xml

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