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Concurrent Manager as name suggest is Manager which manages your concurrent requests in Oracle Apps 11i. You can assign single request or batch job & let concurrent manager manage these request. Without going to technical definition & explanation about them I will go straight to the point which you might be interested in looking as Sysadmin or Oracle Apps DBA i.e. from startup/shutdown to configuration then finally to tuning. So tie up your belt & get ready for ride to CM.

 How to Start/Stop Concurrent Manager ? In Oracle Applications 11i as you might already be aware that all startup shutdown scripts in 11i(11.5.10) are in $OAD_TOP/admin/script/$CONTEXT_NAME where $OAD_TOP is also called as $COMMON_TOP and $CONTEXT_NAME is your SID_hostname , lets say your SID or Instance Name is VISION and its on machine with name machine1 so your CONTEXT_NAME will be VISION_machine1. So script to start/stop concurrent manager is where ad (In my view) is application dba , cm is concurrent manager & ctl means control. Well if you really want to explore more I'll suggest you open this file & go through it . If you open this script you will see syntax to run it in start or stop mode so I am not going to spoon feed you by giving syntax. When you run it records execution of this command in text file with name adcmctl.txt at directory $COMMON_TOP/admin/log/$CONTEXT_NAME. called another script startmgr which in turn calls batchmgr in $FND_TOP/bin and this is actual file which fire up Internal Concurrent Manager Process (Open these two files as they are text file and read content in these files.

Lets check important parameter in this file

  • DISPLAY Set it to some valid XServer , if this is not set properly your reports display will fail (specially one with PDF or Bar code dislay)
  • DIAG_PARAM Diagnosis parameter it will take value Y or N with default N, If you encounter some error while starting Concurrent Manager you change this to Y and then extra logging will be enabled then check Concurrent Manager log file.
  • CONCSUB stands for CONC(Concurrent) SUB(Submit) , used to submit concurrent request like shut down concurrent manager.
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