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  • SLEEP holds the number of seconds that the manager should wait between checks for new requests.
  • MGRNAME is the name of the manager for locking and log purposes. So you can find if this is icm(Internal Concurrent Manager), sm(Service Manager)
  • RESTART is set to N if the manager should not restart itself after a crash. Otherwise, it is an integer number of minutes. The manager will attempt a restart after an abnormal termination if the past invocation lasted for at least RESTART minutes.
  • PMON is the duration of time between process monitor checks (checks for failed workers). The unit of time is concurrent manager iterations (request table checks). Default Value is 20 .
  • QUESIZ is the duration of time between worker quantity checks (checks for number of active workers). The unit of time is process monitor checks.

    Please pay attention to PMON, QUESIZ and SLEEP as these will be used during Concurrent Manager Tuning.

    Where is Concurrent Manager Node ? If you don't know where is your CM here are few ways to find your it .

  • SQLPLUS> select node_name from apps.fnd_nodes where support_cp='Y';
  • In context file (SID_hostname.xml ) under $APPL_TOP/admin , check for variable < TIER_NODE oa_var="s_isConc" >YES< / TIER_NODE>, YES means this is Concurrent Manager Node.
  • Check for Administer Concurrent Manager request under SYSADMIN responsibility.
  • "ps -ef | grep FNDLIBR" under application User on all nodes where FND(Foundation) LIBR(Library) is executable.


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