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  How to troubleshoot Concurrent Manager ? If as an Oracle Apps DBA or Sysadmin you started concurrent manager and encountered any error message, first place to start looking is log file of Internal Concurrent Manager . Log files are very critical in understanding or finding any problem. but where is my concurrent manager log file ? Default log file location for Apps Concurrent Manager is $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG/ and file name format is SID_MMDD.mgr (This is specific to 11i 11.5.10 and may very depedning on your Apps Version) where APPLCSF & APPLLOG are environment variables (If APPLCSF is not set while starting Concurrent Manager , logs will go to $FND_TOP/$APPLLOG), log file name format is your SID_ MM (Month on which CM last started) DD (Date on which CM last started) .mgr (Manager)

From where its ICM ( Internal Concurrent Manager) picking SID_MMDD.mgr file name to record logs , to find this open file , you will see entry like dd=`date '+%m%d'`; MGR_NAME=$DB_NAME_$dd This has set Concurrent Manager name variable $mgrname Now open file batchmgr here you will variable logfile= this is how application set Concurrent Manager log file name.

Now depending on error message you have to troubleshoot & find solution to your problem. Serch it in Metalink or Oracle Apps Forums.

Very common mistake which you often encounter when you view output of your concurrent request whose display is PDF or any format which require XServer to run is REP-3000 oracle toolkit this can be because of number of reasons but most common is that XServer is not running on Server & Screen which is defined in your display variable. Make sure you have Xvfb or Xvnc running on server where display is set. Check metalink note # 181244.1 Configuring VNC Or XVFB As The X Server For Applications 11i If you are on solaris & even after after installing Xvfb/Xvnc cannot access report Mail Me

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