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Q: How to check Content Services version in Oracle Collaboration / OCS

Connect to your content database with user content, (password will be same as ias_admin used during installation, if you have not changed it) & execute query
SQLPLUS> select * from odmz_repositoryparameter where name='SCHEMAVERSION';
You will see output like

Q: You cannot access/configure OCS content folder via Web Folder or ODrive

You are on Collaboration Suite, accessing collabsuite content via web folders usign WEBDAV protocol and encountering error message like The Folder you enter doesnot appear to be Valid. You have OID (Oracle Internet Directory) configured with AD(Active Directory).

Check applications.log under OC4J_Content & if you see error message like Caused by:
oracle.ifs.common.IfsException: IFS-10151: Unable to perform authentication
oracle.ifs.common.IfsException: IFS-12911: Unable to get user verifier (authpassword); account may be locked
oracle.ifs.common.IfsException: IFS-12994: Verifier undefined for user

  This Issue was fixed in Content Services patch (4915135) but I am sure if you are applying this patch better go for higher patchset which is for Content Services - Patch No. 5049515 (at time when this page was last update Aug 2006 ) . Apart from applying this patch you have to do some manual steps mentioned at

  • Configure OCS Middle Tier Web Server to start in both HTTP & HTTPS
  • Edit IFS.DOMAIN.APPLICATION.ApplicationPort to point to the non-WebCache HTTP Server SSL port.
  • Set IFS.DOMAIN.APPLICATION.ApplicationUseHttps to TRUE.
  • Set IFS.DOMAIN.PROTOCOLS.DAV.CleartextAuthenticationEnabled to TRUE.
  • Click Restart Domain to restart the Oracle Content Services domain.

    For full information check README of patch mentioned above.

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